When the Pastor’s Wife Goes Back to Work

when the pastor's wife goes back to work

Leaving behind our house of vomiting children, I went for a quiet walk on a beautiful fall day. As I stepped through the crispy leaves enjoying the golden sunshine, a wave of coldness swept over me—in the craziness of getting up four times the night before with a sick child, I had entirely forgotten Continue Reading

How Generosity Affects My Ministry

how generosity affects my ministry

When we first started in ministry, I heard a lot about the pastor’s wife as the “first lady” of her church. The idea was that she would be gracious in all things, a scholar of the Bible, with a door that was always open – and that her “flock” of church women would gather easily around Continue Reading

The Key to Belonging in Your Community

the key to belonging in your community

I love my community. I love eating at my favorite restaurants. I love shopping at my favorite stores. I love knowing the shortcuts to avoid traffic in town. I love that the bank tellers know me by name. And I love the countless friends that I have all throughout Forsyth County, Georgia. I love Continue Reading

Five Lessons from Elisabeth Elliott

5 lessons from elisabeth elliot

Few women have had an impact on the kingdom of God as has Elisabeth Elliot. Her remarkable insights and words of wisdom continue to shape us, even after her death and years of illness. Here are just five truths I have gleaned from her devotional book "A Lamp for My Feet." Published in 1985, it Continue Reading

Four Things Your Wife Wants You to Know

4 things your wife wants you to know

Last weekend, my husband and I had the opportunity to talk to a room of church planters and their wives. I was able to read the following letter to the men in the room who were embarking on a journey of starting a church from scratch. If some of this resonates with you, I pray you would find the Continue Reading

When Simple is Brave

when simple is brave

Brave. Radical. Fearless. Awake. Step Up. Next level. All In. I hear these words everywhere in Christian circles. I long to step up to be radical for Christ. The last women’s conference left me pumped to conquer the world for Christ. I was ready to charge hell with a water pistol. “Go Big or Go Continue Reading