Reaching the Children in Your Town

Reaching the Children in Your Town

My pastor husband and I now live and minister in my hometown, Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis is known for many things: Elvis Presley, barbecue, the blues, the Mississippi River, dogwoods and azaleas, and for being the home of FedEx. Unfortunately, we are also known as a city with one of the highest Continue Reading

Why I Don’t Want My Daughter to Be Hot

why i don't want my daughter to be hot

I have one daughter. Her name is Ava, and though I confess an obvious bias, I believe her to be quite beautiful. Every dad should feel this way, I think. Genesis says that God “made us in His image, as male and female” (Gen. 1:27).  Gender was all part of the perfect plan–for the planet to be Continue Reading

Welcoming Foreigners into My Home

welcoming foreigners

Women gathering together is a universal activity that translates in every culture. And there's nothing quite like a room full of women who gather bringing international food! The air fills quickly with curry and repetitive conversations. We each have to restate words several times to comprehend Continue Reading

The Sacred Gift of Listening

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“It might be cancer.” When those words were spoken, it wasn’t clear who was more stunned—Michael or me. He was our beloved small group pastor. A true people person, Michael was the lubricant which kept staff friction to a minimum. Quick to laugh, he loved good steak and good conversation. We sat Continue Reading

How To Write a Sympathy Card

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The pen is in your hand, the card opened and yet you are paralyzed. What should you say to recognize loss? We truly do want to say something meaningful. Yet we are writing to a fragile heart. Most of us are wise enough to realize we have potential to help or hurt in this small but important Continue Reading

How to Love Your Enemies

how to love your enemies.001

“Love your enemies” — Jesus. Perhaps this is among His most revolutionary statements and certainly most humanly counterintuitive. We were already struggling to “love our neighbor” and then He throws this at us. Seriously, Jesus? Our enemies? He did have plenty. And even a frenemy or Continue Reading

Deep Friendships Demand Work

deep friendships demand work.001

I was sitting by a hospice bed set up in dining room of a friend’s house. The frail, pale woman lying on the bed had once been a beautiful, vivacious wife and mother. She was dying bravely. Her face was calm and peaceful but there was grief in her eyes. She was going to miss so much. But she was Continue Reading