Why I’m Rewriting My Task List Today

Character matters

I’m a “get it done” kind of girl. Make the lunches. Do the laundry. Plan the event. Meet the need. Accomplish the goal. You get the idea. Each day has a task list to be tackled, wrestled to the ground, and annihilated. OK, that might be a bit strong, but some days are a battle against the Continue Reading

Flourish Faves For May

A few of our favorites

Flourish launches a new blog category all about our latest fav's. We look forward to sharing on a monthly basis what we are reading, eating, cooking, hearing, or doing. You will see links to items that catch our attention as being helpful, fun, delicious, moving, resourceful, or just plain cute. Continue Reading

Dear Mama of Littles

Dear Momma of Littles

Dear Mama of Littles, Perhaps you've snuck into the bathroom with your phone and they haven't discovered you missing yet. Or maybe you're half-asleep on the couch, celebrating having survived another day of diaper explosions, nursing while cooking and simultaneously wrangling a toddler, or Continue Reading