And the Survey Says . . .

Survey Says

“Get out your cell phones." When is that ever said in a gathering? During the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention we gathered 800 plus women in a room to have a very intimate conversation. Sort of. And we got to keep our phones out. We conducted a very informal survey Continue Reading

Flourish Faves for June

A few of our favorite things

Here are a few of our favs from the month! A fun read, especially for coffee lovers: "Coffee has seen Christianity through a Reformation, modernity and postmodernity, through boring Sunday sermons and lively evening revivals. Now it takes its place on the kitchen table, next to the Bible—close Continue Reading

Redefining the Netflix Generation

The Netflix Generation

Two small children sit entranced in front of a big box tv set. The doorbell rings and Mom greets the garbage man in a friendly and familiar way. He carries a big trash can into the home, nonchalantly opens the tv, and dumps in a load of garbage. Polite banter with the mom, and the he exits with a Continue Reading

Every Pain Repurposed for His Glory

Pain repurposed for God's glory

As my husband held down my three-month old son, I buckled the braces in place and locked in the bar. Asa had given up looking at me with those pleading eyes, and had resigned to screaming; maybe someone else would come to help. If I’m not careful I could hate those braces. Hate them for making my Continue Reading